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Adrian Oton

Adrian Oton

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In the English educational system, students are only required to go to school until age 16. At that time, students have the option of completing two more years of schooling, to help them prepare for studies at the university level. Before they can enter the higher education system, however, they must take a test commonly known as the “A levels.” When Adrian Oton completed his A levels, he chose to enter the job market right away. This is a bit of an unconventional choice, as students who do well on their A levels are often expected to move forward with their educations and obtain a higher degree. But, Adrian Oton wanted to move forward with his career and enter the job market right away, so he took a leap of faith and began working instead of completing his education. It isn’t a decision he regrets, but later in his life, he was asked to go back to school and complete his education so he could become certified and move up in the company he was working for.

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