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Ediets.com offers the user several different online diet plans to choose from. The ediets.com company is based in Florida. They have been voted the best of the web in nutrition and diet by Forbes.com.

Ediets.com offers diet and healthy living plans. The diet plans will help you to lose weight, while the healthy living plans will help to keep your health in control. The healthy living plans are used to keep health conditions like high cholesterol and diabetes in check.

Ediets.com asks a series of questions to the user and chooses a diet or health plan that suites their lifestyle. Ediets.com figures out what the user is hoping to accomplish by using their site and they customize the eating plan for them.

Ediets.com provides a fitness plan for all users. The fitness plans is customized for the user just as the eating plan is. They take into consideration the persons level of skills and the goals they hope to achieve.

To begin using ediets.com you simply need to follow three steps to complete your free diet profile.

Decide how much weight you want to lose.

Answer questions about the foods you eat, the areas of your body that you want to focus the most on, and what your views on exercise are.

Choose which newsletters you would like to get in your email.

Once you do that ediets.com recommends three diet programs that match your needs. They also offer fitness tips to help you create your exercise routine. Once you choose which plan you want to use ediets.com will tell you how much the plan will cost.

Besides the diet and fitness plans, ediets.com offers recipes, a fitness trainer, and many support groups. These can make the weight loss journey easier.

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